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The ADHD Student and Homework Problems EBOOK

Buy your copy now and help an ADHD student.

What you'll get:

  • A deeper understanding of ADHD
  • Descriptions of co-existing problems that ambush homework efforts
  • Suggestions and resources to address what is blocking the ADHD student's success.

ADHD students want to succeed but feel as if it isn't possible. Show them you have the information to help,

What People Are Saying:

"The era that we live in taught us that everyone functions differently. We learn more and more about our differences and how to understand and deal with them every day. Many behaviors that used to be interpreted as bad attitudes or misbehaving turned out to have physiological reasons and features in the brain that caused them. In The ADHD Student and Homework Problems, Patricia McGuire teaches us about ADHD. What is it? What types of it are there? How do you understand children who have it? How can we help our children grow and develop and give them the care they need? You'll also learn that ADHD usually comes with other learning difficulties. You'll learn what they are and how to deal with them. I like that the book was simple and to the point. It was educational, but it was easy to understand. I found it organized and could digest what was provided. I like how it gave an overall explanation of the condition before getting to the specific points of helping students with ADHD. The book has some active links that are really helpful and complement the content. I find the book's most important feature to be understanding what's behind children's behaviors and learning how to deal with them instead of judging and criticizing them. Schools and parents certainly need this type of education and facilitation. The book doesn't go that deep, but it represents a good starting point. There was nothing I disliked about the book. I found it helpful and educational. It tackles a very important subject. The book received exceptional editing. I didn't notice any errors or mistakes. Therefore, I rate the book five out of five stars. I believe the book suits parents, teachers and schools. Anyone who has direct contact with children or has a responsibility toward them can benefit from it."

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