Helping Challenging Children



A 3-Layer Model of Understanding & Helping Children and Teens



We all have a profile of temperament from which our personality develops. Temperament consists of the inherited, hard-wired behavioral and emotional responses we have to the world around us. When there is a poor fit, we stress. When there is a good fit, we thrive. There are ways to help when the traits are not a good fit for a situation. Here is where to learn.

The Brain and Children/Teens


There is a layer above temperament that affects a child's growth, development, and social-emotional growth. This is the brain. These trainings will explore how differences in brain development and growth affects a child's/teen's ability to grow and thrive in the world.

The Effect of the World They Live In


Children and teens are affected by their homes, their friends, their schools, and their communities. This can lead to a great life or one full of struggles.

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