Never Assume: Know Children Before Labeling Them

Labels. They are meant to help us understand childhood behavior problems such as these: ADHD Autism Dyslexia Motor coordination disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Intermittent Explosive Disorder Conduct Disorder And oh, so many more!   In reality, these labels only describe behaviors or experiences. They provide no knowledge about why the behavior occurs. Your child is not defined by a label. Your child is a combination of three layers or factors, which create an interplay of experiences affecting your child’ social-emotional, and developmental growth.  Do you know what these three layers are? Do you know what each layer brings to your child’s developmental potential? They are:  Temperament, Development, and Environment   Each influences the growth and development of your child. Stressors within even one layer can upset your child’s ability to successfully interact with others, control his emotions, and even learn. You, as his parent must be able to provide support to balance out factors which could limit your child’s adult potential.  NEVER ASSUME: KNOW CHILDREN BEFORE LABELING THEM provides information on each of these layers, what they are individually, and how they can influence each other, both in a positive and a negative way.   You need to understand these three layers before you attempt to change any behavior or place any label on your child. If you don’t, you risk making life worse for your child and for you.  Don’t react to behaviors. Learn to respond, knowing where the behavior is coming from.  Order NEVER ASSUME now.  

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