Never Assume: Know Children Before Labeling Them

For over 30 years I had parents bringing their children in asking "Why" their child did, or did not do something, "Why" they were so challenging, and "Why" parenting them was so different from when they were brought up by their parents. The biggest problem to deal with is not "Why" but first understanding "Who" the child is. Most people don't realize that children are made up of 3 parts or layers. The interplay of those layers can create a great deal of confusion and frustration. So what are these 3 layers? Temperament, Biology, and the Environment that the child lives in. The factors which make up each layer are complex, and the ways that these layers can blend together to create a child are beyond counting. This course, Never Assume: Getting To Know Children Before Labeling Them takes you through each of the layers and the emotional needs of love, acceptance, and respect that each child needs in order to thrive. It is not meant to be a total "how-to" for raising a child (it would have to consist of thousands of hours of content to even begin to help) but rather a firm foundation from which to then think about what you are experiencing with your child and what may be affecting the current behavior, so that you can take time to respond to your child, rather than react to the behavior. Are  you ready to learn "Who" your child is? You don't actually have to be a parent to take this course. It is extremely valuable information which I have also taught to many professionals who work with these children and their families. It is important to be a part of any  conversation when a change of action needs to take place at home, at school, or at a childcare setting. If you don't find this information helpful in explaining "Who" your child is, so that you begin to pause and think about how to respond, you can request a refund in the first 10 days. I am sure, however, having provided this to families for over 30 years, that you will find that knowing "Who" your child is, will help you see your child and the behaviors in a different light.

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