Helping Challenging Children

3 Layer Model of Child Behavior

Understanding the Whys of Child Behavior

You Can Raise Children Successfully

You need to know how they are made and the tools that will help. Understanding the 3 layers will guide you to the methods and support your child needs.



Temperament consists of inherited, hard-wired behavioral and emotional responses to what you experience. Learn about the 9 traits, how they link to different disorders, and how to work within the framework of your and your child’s temperament profile.


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Development of Children/Teens

Development of the child is managed by the brain. But one child in six is born with a difference called a neurodevelopmental disorder. There are six neurodevelopmental disorders, all of which can be present in mild to severe forms. 


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Environmental Effects on Children

 A child’s environment consists of his family, his own health, his school, and his community. How well each area is doing affects how well the child will grow up.


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Do You Have A Challenging Child?

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