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I joke that God has a wicked sense of humor. God blessed me with three children who experienced many of the issues that my patients dealt with.

My experience as a parent of challenging children helped me understand what the parents were going through.

My children also helped me to understand what my patients were dealing with, increasing my empathy for them.

It was my children and my patients who helped me see the three factors clearly and how the various ways the factors intersected led to more confidence or more anxiety and behavioral issues.

 I realized that I was doing something right as my patients began telling their parents to make an appointment so I could explain the issues to them (the parents).

I also realized I was doing something right as my patients began suggesting to their friends to see me. It wasn’t for medications since I had stopped prescribing medications when I started speaking across the country, which meant that I would not be around enough to help manage them.

My patients wanted their friends to have a professional who truly understood what they were experiencing and would actually listen to them.

Using the three factors framework allowed me to understand them more completely. You can also provide this for your patients.

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