Our personality and how we function in the world is made up of 3 layers:

  • Temperament
  • Development
  • Environmental Effects

The first two relate to the nature aspect of how we develop our personality. The third is the nurture aspect, which relates to the world we grow up in.


This first section contains information on temperament. From this page you can access articles related to the effects of temperament on development, how it affects the bond that forms between parent and child (called goodness of fit) and how it affects the mental health of your child.

Click the links to articles relating to temperament:

We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Patricia McGuire at our 2013 Fall Conference.  The information was invaluable, immediately useable for participants to take back and put into practice.  During the second day of the conference participants were offered the opportunity to discuss case studies of individuals who they are actively supporting.  As Dr. McGuire led the group through the Temperament Profile for each person, explaining how the person experiences the world based on the profile there were several visible “Ah Ha” moments among the group.  It was clearly obvious that some of the staff had never really considered the underlying cause of the behavior displayed by the people they support.  It is my sincere opinion that based on Dr. McGuire’s insightful and very hands on presentation people will receive a higher quality of support.  Staff have always wanted to provide the best services possible but did not have the tools they needed to understand how to tailor their approach.  There was excitement about being able to go home and use the tools they gained.  Dr. McGuire encouraged participants to contact her via email if they had any questions, and many indicated that they would, what a tremendous resource for the people of Nebraska. 

Cheryl Montgomery, President

Nebraska Association of Community Professionals

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