Understanding the ODD Child

Season #2

Why are kids called oppositional, but adults are called assertive? It all comes down to perspectives on who is holding their ground and what the issues are. Of course, not all children called oppositional or defiant are lucky enough to be seen as assertive as adults. Many are punished, ridiculed, and labeled in negative terms, including mental health terms such as ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder. They are at increased risks of developing anxiety, depression, conduct disorder, and as adults’ substance use disorders and antisocial behaviors. This week my podcast will look at the factors which lead to the different outcomes. I will also ask you to consider how you approach these children and what resources are available for them and their families. We need to understand all the factors that lead to a stubborn, oppositional, and defiant child so we can help them become more resilient and adaptable.