Understanding the Children Behind the Checklist

checklists evaluating children Mar 11, 2020

When evaluating children for problems, parents and teachers are often asked to fill out questionnaires and checklists. These can be very valuable, but checklists may not give the entire answer due to the nature of the statements which the adults are asked to agree or disagree with.

When looking at children it is important to look at the 3 components that make them up; 

  • temperament
  • biology (or neurodevelopmental disorders)
  • environment (how their world affects their development and behavior)

Check out this episode to learn more.

You can also learn more about these 3 components of children through my mini-course, Never Assume: Knowing Children Before Labeling Them which can be purchased at  https://www.helpingchallengingchildren.online/offers/Baep8fG2/checkout

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