Modeling Love, Respect and Acceptance to Children During COVID 19

respect right to be safe May 22, 2020

This pandemic has shown that our country is greatly divided. What should be a situation where children see adults model care and compassion for their neighbors, has shown that there are a group of people who don't believe in that, but rather model how to push others around.

We need to see if we are being good models of showing love, acceptance and respect to others now and in the future.

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Respect: You Must Give in Order To Receive


There is the mistake belief by some people that respect is to be given to them simply because of a title they may have, such as parent, teacher, or President. While these titles may suggest that these individuals may deserve the consideration of respect because of what they have done to achieve those titles, it is not simply the title that is being evaluated.

Children don't automatically know how to "show respect". They do know that they want to be loved, accepted, and respected as being worthy of life. But they can't list the behaviors which will show respect, rather just knowing when it feels right. But, if the adults around them never model respect, to the children or others, children will not be able to develop the ability to show respect to those who deserve it. They may think that only those who put others down are deserving of respect because they show "power".

This is not what we want our children to learn and believe.

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